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The project Training Activities for the Development of New Enterprises is designed starting from the needs of the area and the problems that young people from Calabria have to face with reference to the inclusion in the labor market. In this context, “T.R.A.D.E” is a great opportunity for the younger generation (VET learners) increasing professional skills in tourism and agribusiness fields for to allow the younger generation to create enterprise.


  • Confindustria Reggio Calabria
  • CISL – Reggio Calabria
  • Comune di Locri
  • Comune di Roccella
  • Comune di Marina di Gioiosa Ionica
  • Comune di Bianco
  • I.P.S.S.A.R. ‘Dea Persefone’ – Locri
  • Liceo Scienze Umane ‘G. Mazzini’ – Locri
  • I.S. ‘Oliveti – Panetta’ – Locri
  • I.S.F. ‘La Cava’ – Bovalino


In line with the European Development Plan Shared by All Members of the Consortium the project will increase the following skills:

  • knowledge of the hotel business reality, the optimization of accounting computerization and booking processes, marketing choices and management/organization of human resources
  • promotion of rural development and encourage responsible management of resources
  • awareness of the stages of creation of hotel and non-hotel business, analysis of the market and innovative business strategies
  • problem-solving skills in all management and operational phases
  • analysis of financial feasibility, technical, economic and commercial enterprise
  • foster the development of transversal skills


The project targets 100 high school graduates having residence in Calabria.

They will apply those who, within a year after graduation, they will mast graduates of higher education institutions belonging to the following sectors:

  • accounting, finance, marketing, management, software development for administrations in the tourism sector
  • tourist accommodation and hotel hospitality
  • operational management of the service in the lounge, bar and plans, including sales and customer loyalty
  • agriculture, rural development, processing, valuation and marketing of agricultural and food products


The internships will last 4 (four) months, will be completed with foreign companies related professional sectors mentioned, as their aim is to develop transversal skills aimed at the creation and management of enterprise, from holdings in Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland and Belgium.

The experience offered by the project will change the perception of local opportunities, transferring best practices for solutions/management for innovative competitiveness through the internship to the return that will be offered in local companies.


During the project, the trainees will be supported by the Commission in co-ordinating the Team -working through the provision of the following services:

  • linguistic, cultural and pedagogical
  • matching action between the companies in which it held internships
  • identification of the flights, buying tickets and better housing accommodations
  • insurance coverage for the entire period of mobility
  • mentoring and constant monitoring
  • practical support for any logistical and organizational problems and a monetary contribution, called “Erasmus + pocket” in order to contribute share to cover the cost of meals and local transportation to/from the workplace


The mobility experience abroad will have a major impact on the participants from a professional point of view (knowledge of other labor markets and other economies, methods, approaches and different work techniques; development of new professional skills, language and technology) and for personal growth: to know the aspects of another culture, develop a sense of responsibility and autonomy, increasing self-esteem and, therefore, self-employment.

The project T.R.A.D.E. will have an impact at local, regional, national and European level, thanks to the following benefits:

  • opening of new start-ups
  • 45% of learners (25% in Italy and 10% abroad) will find a stable employment by reducing the regional unemployment rate
  • increased availability and availability on the labor market of qualified personnel
  • improving management skills and strategies of internationalization
  • closer link between education and the business world
  • easier recognition of competences at European level
  • development of the European labor market

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